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Plastering has the power to transform your home by providing smooth, elegant surfaces, enhancing acoustics, adding insulation, and revitalising both interiors! To get such a result, it is essential to hire a reliable service in Penrith that can offer all the customised perks of plastering and give you your money’s worth!

Look no further than Diagrid Constructions and our skilled craftsmen, offering a wide range of plastering services tailored to your specific needs around Penrith.

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Types of Plaster Painting And Their Materials

Waterproof Plastering

The most essential plaster work for areas prone to moisture exposure, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. It helps prevent water penetration, dampness, and mould growth. A cement-based mixture is often used for waterproof plastering, which contains additives to enhance water resistance.

Interior & Exterior Plastering

Interior plasterwork is designed for indoor spaces, providing a smooth and aesthetic finish to walls and ceilings. Exterior plastering, also known as rendering, protects and enhances the appearance of building exteriors. Both types involve a base coat of cement, lime, or gypsum plaster followed by a finishing layer.

Ceiling Restoration

Ceiling restoration involves repairing damaged or deteriorated ceilings. Plaster materials like lime putty or gypsum plaster are commonly used for restoring ornate or historic ceilings. Modern alternatives like plasterboard may also be used for a quicker and more cost-effective solution.

Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum plaster is a versatile material used for interior wall and ceiling finishes. It is easy to apply and provides a smooth surface for painting or decoration made with a mix of gypsum, sand, and water, which is applied in multiple layers and sanded to achieve the desired finish.

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Residential or Commercial Projects, We handle it all

The Diagrid Constructions team excel in catering to a diverse range of needs, confidently handling both residential and commercial plaster painting projects around Penrith.

  • Our expert team is well-versed in transforming homes into inviting spaces with flawless plastering techniques.
  • Additionally, we bring our expertise to commercial spaces, ensuring professional and appealing interiors that align with your business aesthetic.
  • With a commitment to quality, we tackle each plastering project with precision, ensuring that your vision is brought to life, whether it’s creating cosy residential environments or setting the perfect tone for your commercial establishment in Penrith.

Tipping Off Our Plastering Work With Plaster Painting In Penrith

After completing the meticulous plastering process, we seamlessly transition to the next step: plaster painting. This transformative phase breathes life into the space, adding colour, texture, and a renewed ambience. Our expert plaster painters skillfully enhance the surface, bringing forth a fresh and captivating appearance that truly elevates the overall aesthetic of your space in Penrith.

Experience tailor-made plastering solutions with other services like renovations & extensions of home, that perfectly align with your vision. Let us bring your dream space to life.
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